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Working together Cradle to Career in Adams County

 Almost half of Adams County schoolchildren live in poverty, qualifying for free or reduced-price lunch. Thirty percent of 9th and 40 percent of 12th graders report skipping school. A quarter of 9th graders have used marijuana in the last 30 days while 58 percent have used it by the time they're seniors. Only 62 percent of our youth are graduating from an Adams County high school in four years.


Together We Succeed

No one agency or organization can improve child and youth outcomes – ACYI's collective action is needed to magnify the impact of all community resources helping children and families in Adams County. Using the nationally recognized, best practice STRIVE model, ACYI gets results via:

Common Vision & Goals
ACYI cultivates a rock-solid commitment to its shared vision and precise goals, including:

  • Every child starts kindergarten healthy and ready to learn
  • Every child succeeds in school
  • Every child contributes to home, school and the community
  • Every young adult is profession-ready

Collaborative Action
ACYI provides the essential infrastructure and coordination critical to the success of all the county's government and nonprofit organizations working together. It:

  • Engages partners in strategic planning and collective problem-solving
  • Defines explicit goals with outcome-specific measurements
  • Mobilizes action teams to achieve results and improve efforts
  • Communicates about needs, resources, gaps and progress

Targeted Interventions
ACYI partners work together to promote child and youth success at every stage of development:

  • Prenatal and infancy
  • Preschool
  • School-age
  • Teens and high school graduates

ACYI buils relationships among partners, business, community and faith-based agencies, families and young people to develop community leader champions and leverage financil resources to sustain positive change:

  • Magnify collective impact of ACYI member-partners
  • Build capacity of each government and nonprofit partner
  • Avoid duplication and maximize resources
  • Unify and streamline funding opportunities for Adams County child and youth programming